Welcome to The Gym Murwillumbah!

You’re here because you’ve made a conscious decision to change, and that’s great! We help people every day who want to lose weight, get stronger and improve their fitness a little or a lot. Even if you just want to meet some new people who share a healthier, community outlook, you’ve found the right place.

Our gym is fun! So is my team. They’re also welcoming and professional. We have people training here of all levels and ages: brand new never-been-to-a-gym-before’s, first-timers and experienced athletes and competitors. I’ve seen a 19 year old helping a 70 year old on the rower, an 80 year old bench press his age in weight (80kg, after never having been to a gym before he was 75!), a 13 year old master the trickiest coordination in Body Step, young guys I first saw as weedy 14 year olds that now (5 years later) leave me for dead in the strength stakes! Virtually every age between 12 and 80+ use and love The Gym (I even have my mum, age 65, here teaching. And my dad, age 65, who swore that his “brush-cutting for seniors” was all the fitness he needed, start here, learn to squat, press and deadlift, and subsequently got stronger and leaner).

Even if you’ve never been to a gym before, you’ll find us really friendly, supportive and encouraging. Call, come and visit and get to know us. We truly believe that if you can change your body, you can change and improve your whole life.

We’re really proud of our gym, and we’d love to show it to you!

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